The Evolution of Habesha Hood: Balancing Exposure and Sustainability

The Evolution of Habesha Hood: Balancing Exposure and Sustainability

Understanding the shift in Habesha Hood’s approach to video postings – a strategic move towards sustainability and continued support for artists.

The Changing Landscape of Music Promotion

Habesha Hood has been a vital platform for Ethiopian hip hop and drill artists, offering exposure and opportunities in an industry where visibility is key. However, the landscape of music promotion is evolving, and so must our strategies to maintain and enhance the support we provide to artists.

Why We’re Introducing Charges for Video Postings

In light of increasing operational costs and the modest financial returns from platforms like YouTube, Habesha Hood has made the strategic decision to start charging for video postings. This move is necessary to sustain the quality and reach of our services. While YouTube offers a great platform for exposure, it often falls short in providing adequate financial returns to artists, especially those who are still establishing their presence.

Investing in Artist Growth

The fees collected will be reinvested into the platform to enhance our services, ensuring that artists not only gain visibility but also receive better support and resources. This will include improved production quality, marketing efforts, and the organization of events where artists can perform and earn income. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits both the artists and the platform.

Reflecting on Our Journey

Before Habesha Hood, many Ethiopian artists faced the challenge of finding a platform that could connect them with their target audience. Their work often went underappreciated on generic channels. Habesha Hood emerged as a solution, giving voice to newcomers and established artists alike. We’ve proudly been a launchpad for many talents, helping them reach audiences who truly appreciate their art.

Moving Forward with Selectivity and Purpose

As we evolve, our focus is on being more selective with the content we post. This means prioritizing quality over quantity and ensuring that every video featured on Habesha Hood aligns with our vision of uplifting and showcasing the best of Ethiopian music. Although we will no longer offer free video postings, we remain committed to being a platform that nurtures talent and propels artists into the spotlight.


The introduction of charges for video postings is a significant step for Habesha Hood. It’s about ensuring the sustainability of the platform and continuing to provide meaningful opportunities for Ethiopian artists. We are excited about this new chapter and are confident that it will bring even more success and exposure to the talented artists we work with.

Gash-Mashay (ጋሽ-ማሼ)
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