Grow Together, Earn Together: Why Artists Should Post with ሐበሻ Hood

Grow Together, Earn Together: Why Artists Should Post with ሐበሻ Hood

In the dynamic realm of Ethiopian hip hop and drill music, the path to success is often riddled with challenges, especially when it comes to generating income from digital platforms like YouTube. For many artists, the struggle isn’t just about getting their music heard, but also about overcoming the financial barriers imposed by these platforms. This is where ሐበሻ Hood steps in, offering a collaborative solution that promises not just exposure, but also a more consistent income.

The Challenge of YouTube’s Threshold

One of the biggest hurdles artists face on YouTube is its payout threshold. The platform requires a minimum earning of $60 before any money can be withdrawn. This policy, while seemingly straightforward, can be a significant barrier for new and independent artists who struggle to achieve the high view counts needed to meet this threshold.

Pooling Resources for Greater Impact

At ሐበሻ Hood, we believe in the power of collective growth. By pooling our resources and talents, we can amplify our impact and reach. When artists post their videos with us, they’re not just uploading content to another channel; they’re becoming part of a community that supports and promotes each other. This communal approach increases the likelihood of reaching wider audiences and, consequently, generating more views and revenue.

Regular Income over Sporadic Gains

While posting on personal channels allows artists to keep all their earnings, the reality is that sporadic and low view counts often translate to minimal and irregular income. In contrast, by posting with ሐበሻ Hood, artists can benefit from our established audience base, leading to more consistent views and a more reliable source of income, even if it means sharing a portion of the revenue.

The Power of Collective Branding

Being associated with ሐበሻ Hood also means benefiting from our brand’s reputation and marketing efforts. Our platform is recognized for its quality content and commitment to promoting Ethiopian music, which can lend credibility and prestige to emerging artists.


For artists navigating the competitive world of Ethiopian hip hop and drill music, posting with ሐበሻ Hood offers a strategic advantage. It’s an opportunity to be part of a growing community where resources, audiences, and successes are shared. By joining forces, we not only enhance our individual prospects but also contribute to the collective growth and sustainability of the Ethiopian music scene.

Gash-Mashay (ጋሽ-ማሼ)
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